2018:  Pepper the Pekingese who was unsocialised, mildly aggressive and an excessive barker:


Good morning Joanne


Thank you so much for your report and information. We started the sniff test with Pepper the evening after your visit, no more lifting when I get home or feeding by hand and slowly but surely, we’re starting the journey.


I look forward to working through the documents you have attached and will keep you in the loop.


Thank you so much


Warm regards



2018:  Emma-Rose a Labrador whose owner Anneli called me as Emma-Rose was anxious and chewing furniture:


Hallo Joanne, how kind of you.Emma is doing very well.We go for walks almost everyday, I try to take her to school and let her run there.


She has not chewed again…really hope it stays like this, she is much calmer as well.


Kind greetings 



February 13, 2017 • Ekurhuleni


Hi Aunty Joanne, I promised you regular updates. So, mommy took me to the vet last week and I already weigh 17kgs and am still growing. I’m going to be a BIG girl  😀 Mommy has taught me to sit, take treats nicely and she lets me sleep on the bed…even though I take up every possible part of it  😂 🤣. I will write again soon, thank you for helping me settle in with my loving family. Love and  🐾 Tala Haslam  ❤️




Dear Joanne


Wolfshaven – committee and dogs – would like to thank you from our hearts for the excellent service provided by PAWS4US over the last months. Our orphans havebenefited hugely from your always punctual and well-organised pet services.


I would like to list some of the areas in which PAWS4Us was indeed THERE4US:

  • Collection and delivery of donations – mostly organised by PAWS4US
  • Giving the most compassionate and loving attention to our abused dogs in the kennelling facility
  • Volunteering to assist the dog-walkers on Saturdays
  • Leading the Wolfshaven assistants in the basics of dog-handling, which has given our wonderful guys Humphrey and Jonathan more confidence in the excellent work they do (whenever we come across someone at the parlour or the vet, battling with a dog that has slipped a collar or is simply out of control, I am so proud that they now have the confidence to step in and assist people in difficult situations and their help is accepted with gratitude)
  • Vet trips to Edenvale
  • Running the very successful Saturday morning Rehabilitation Scheme for adopted dogs and their new families
  • Airport trips to send off our special babies to their new approved homes
  • Introductions of our adoptees to their new four-pawed family members
  • Many follow-up consultations with new families to help the adopted dogs settle in
  • Immense moral support when times get hard
  • And last but not least, thanks for the great T-Shirt my hubby wears with pride (the Alpha Dog one) – after 12 years he feels he is one of the pack.


With gratitude and kindest regards



One dog, one home, one life saved 


The Meyer Family Bulldogs: 2011

Dear Joanne,


I decided to write you this letter and would like to request you to please show this to other potential clients as you have made an absolute difference in my dogs lives since you started working with them.


For the unsure potential client:


Me and my wife have 9 Yorkies and two English Bulldogs. We have our own business and because we love our furry children so much, the opportunity to walk with them and the 100% commitment of socializing with them – well, it’s not always possible to do that because of our business. We do our best to keep them busy, but the pet walking three times a week is such a stimulating experience for the dogs, plus the fact that they enjoy it so much. They wait for Joanne at the gate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and go crazy when she arrives showering her with affection.


My one English Bulldog [the wife] usually got aggressive with the other [husband] and they fought almost every third day, and most of the times I had to take one or both to the Vet because of injuries. At one stage I could not take it anymore, and that’s how I met Joanne. From almost putting them down, more than a year ago, I’m still enjoying them being here today, because Joanne helped me sorting out their marriage problems. No serious fighting anymore. The dogs have manners, they behave, they listen when you talk, it’s just amazing.


To Joanne


You’re a unique and amazing person. Obviously, your commitment to animals goes far beyond just love. All your hard work at animal shelters and your efforts to ensure all animals deserve the best, which is not seen by everybody. Me and my wife see it and appreciate it.

You’re special in every way thinkable, and most of all, not just a friend for my dogs, but for us also.

Keep it up Joanne, you rock!!


Pieter and Cora