Animal Behaviourist

Joanne Kleinhans: Animal Behaviourist Dogs & Cats


Often behaviours that our companion animal displays are unacceptable to us as humans, but they are in fact natural behaviours for an animal that sometimes just need channelling in a different direction.  


Some behaviours are unacceptable because they cause harm to the animal, another animal or human such as aggressive behaviours. Others may be destructive behaviours such as chewing the couch. But the good news is most behaviours have been learnt by the animal because they work (gain success in either obtaining attention; alleviating boredom; protecting themselves or food etc.)  and we can teach them new skills – new behaviours that are acceptable to us and still work (reward) them.

  • A Prospective Client Questionnaire will be emailed to you.
  • Please complete & email back to me.
  • I will revert to you with:
  • i) a request for your pet to undergo a veterinary examination to rule out any medical problems prior to dealing with the behaviour problems you are experiencing.
  • ii) Propose a few dates/times for a behaviour consultation / assessment. This takes place in the dog/cat’s home environment. I estimate 1½ – 2 hours for a consultation.
  • 72 hours after consultation I will email through to you a Behaviour Modification Program & training tips.
  • I invite feedback, but should I receive none 😊 I will follow-up with you within 1-2 weeks.

For the Behaviour Modification Program to work consistency and commitment is key! Patience and persistence are without question necessary. Let’s make learning fun, force-free and foundational in building a relationship between you and your pet(s).